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From The Trenches for July, featuring Chicago protests for Gaza, #NetNeutrality Lectures

The July episode of From The Trenches (Chicago Indymedia's monthly radio show) debuts today (July 27th) on WLUW. Featured segments for the episode: Chicago protests assault on Gaza, The 2014 Net Neutrality Lectures.

Chicago pro-Israel supporter arrested for bringing handgun to rally

From the newswire: "Hundreds of opponents of Israel’s bombardment and invasion of Gaza counter-protested [a] Wednesday pro-Israel rally, which featured an extreme racist view of the loss of Palestinian life in Gaza over the last two weeks. ... One pro-Israel supporter was arrested for bringing a handgun to Stand With Israel’s Wednesday rally in support of Israel’s merciless assault on the people of Gaza...Palestinian supporters expressed frustration at the treatment they received at the hands of Chicago police."

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