16th Rally in Solidarity with the Georgia Prison Hunger Strikers

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On Monday, July 16th, 2012 there was a rally held in Forsyth, Georgia to show solidarity with Hunger Strikers in the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center (also known as GDC or Jackson State Prison). About 80 people attended the event, which was organized and coordinated by many local radical organizations and members of the Hunger Strikers’ families. Some of the groups involved included Project South, The Ordinary People's Society, Prodigal Child Project, Take Back the Block, Industrial Workers of the World – Atlanta Chapter, and the Atlanta Black Cross to name a few.

Delma Jackson, Wife of Miguel Jackson (currently on Hunger Strike) speaking to the crowd.

The rally began with demonstrators on the public sidewalk dancing, chanting, and drumming right in front of Georgia’s Department of Corrections. After about a half an hour or so the crowd became emboldened by the lack of response by the police and enraged by the lack of concern shown by the on looking Department of Corrections officials. The crowd then proceeded to move onto the private grounds and right in front of the building where Commissioner Brian Owens’s office is located in order to show their lack of fear and their passion and solidarity for the strikers who have led this fight.

At the rally’s peak, about 80 people rallied for the prisoners in a successful display of inter-racial solidarity that is often not seen in Atlanta.

The rally allowed us to make connections with organizations and members of the Atlanta community with whom our bonds have often been weak. It also allowed us all to see that the struggle against prisons is 5.sınıf sene başı zümre struggle we do not have to fight alone. We are able to work together and organize against the oppressive prison system and the State.

There were many groups there with many different perspectives and this diversity of approaches will allow us to fight the battle against prisons on multiple fronts.

We acknowledge the shortcomings of the rally as a tactic and even debate amongst ourselves the effectiveness of such demonstrations and appeals to the 4.sınıf sene başı zümre power structure that we fight against. However, we also realize the necessity of showing solidarity with other individuals and organizations that have a similar passion for justice and freedom. As well as sending strong messages of support to those currently kept away from us behind bars.

As the Atlanta Black Cross, we stand in solidarity with all prisoners. We envision a world without prisons, free from 3.sınıf sene başı zümre oppression- and work to create that world.

As long as a soul remains behind bars, no one can be free.

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