Obama changes rules, ignores Aaron Swartz petition

Obama quietly changes rules for response to petitions at whitehouse.gov hours after Swatrz petition posted

The bar was raised for a presidential response to petitions at whitehouse.gov shortly after this petition was posted
Less than 2 hours after a petition to remove prosecutor Carmen Ortiz hit whitehouse.gov, President Obama raised the threshold for an official response from 25,000 to 100,000. DEMAND JUSTICE FOR AARON SWARTZ. Here's the petition - it already has 40,000 signatures. We can do it, then bring the ruckus to the bastard in chief was has declared an information war against us.


Aaron's death was tragic -- and unnecessary. Please help make sure something like this never happens again :

1) Support Aaron's Law and further amend the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to make sure nobody's prosecuted for victimless alleged crimes.

2) Supporting an inquiry into Aaron's case and other abusive prosecutions -- and punish all wrongdoing.


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