Chicago Anarchist Film Festival 2012

CAFF (CIMC Repost)

For Immediate Release:
March 16, 2012

Caught in the Crosshairs of Capitalism
Join the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival and Four Star Anarchsit
Organization as we show films and talk about capitalism in crisis and
global resistance in defiance to the agendas of G8 and NATO.

Standing as one of city's longest-lived annual anarchist events, the Chicago
Anarchist Film Festival takes on
the G8 and NATO. Although the G8 has moved in order to become a more
intimate gathering the agenda of free marketism, which created our current
economic collapse, remains the same.

The Chicago Anarchist Film Festival invites anarchists,
anti-authoritarians, the anarcho-friendly and the anarcho-curious to
experience radical cinema from around the world* with features, shorts,
documentaries, animation, and found footage.

Four Star Anarchist Organization believes all people must have control
over their living conditions. Our core values are cooperation, equality,
and direct democracy:

Donations requested with no one turned away for lack of funds. For more
information email or visit
Event Summary

Chicago Anarchist Film Festival and 4 Star Anarchist Organization present
films and speakers to counter the free-market agendas of G8 and NATO.

*When and Where

Thursday March 29 University of Chicago Room 102 in Stuart Hall-
Debtocracy (2011, directed by Aris Hatzisteganou and Katerina Kitidi) is
a feature length documentary that explores the historical and political
causes of Greece's sovereign debt crisis. Hailed by The Guardian as 鍍he
best film of Marxian economic analysis yet produced,Debtocracy critically
investigates the policy interventions of the International Monetary Fund
and the European Central Bank. (75 min. in Greek with English subtitles)

Special guest speaker Dimitris Soukouris. Dr. Dimitris Kousouris is a
historian of Modern Greece and has been involved in radical social
movements in Greece since the early nineties. He is currently a
post-doctoral fellow at the Franke Institute at the University of Chicago.
Co-sponser "The Anthropology of Europe Workshop"

Thursday April 27 Mess Hall 6932 N. Glenwood
Life and Debt- (2001, directed by Stephanie Black)Shown at the 2005
Chicago Anarchist Film Festival, Life and Debt is a feature length
documentary that chronicles the deleterious impact of foreign intervention
in Jamaica's economy. From the destruction of local markets and the demise
of working conditions to the rise of crime and a security apparatus,
Black's film gives its viewers an in-depth, everyday look at how the
organized policies of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and
Inter-American Bank have accelerated the indebtedness of a small nation to
the benefit of US business interests. Narrated by Jamaica Kincaid

Friday May 11 Calles y Suenos 1901 S. Carpenter callesysuenos on Facebook
Shock Doctrine (2007 Naomi Klein, 79m) How a short balding University of
Chicago Professor reeked havoc on the economies and socialist tendencies
of Latin American countries; with his theory of market knows best. 7pm

Friday May 4 Grace Place 637 S. Dearborn
Obama's War Tens of thousands of fresh American troops are now on the move
in Afghanistan. FRONTLINE producers Martin Smith and Marcela Gaviria,
through interviews with the top U.S. commanders on the ground, embeds with
U.S. forces, and fresh reporting from Washington, they examine U.S.
counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan - a fight that
promises to be longer and more costly than most Americans understand.

*For Info*
Email or

*As a niche fest, the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival stands out for
putting its politics upfront... In style and substance, the Chicago
Anarchist Film Festival stands for propaganda by the deed.Instead of
bellyaching about bad press, CAFF counters the mainstream culture by
screening do-it-yourself art.**
Bill Stamets, Sun-Times, May 2 2008*

*Chicago Anarchist Film Festival *
1321 N. Milwaukee #453
Chicago, IL 60622

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