“Human Red Carpet” Welcomes Romney and Rich Supporters to Ritzy Chicago Fundraiser

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Stand Up! Chicago

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“Human Red Carpet” Welcomes Romney and Rich Supporters to Ritzy Fundraiser

Corporate Welfare King Puppet Joins in Stepping on the 99%

CHICAGO—At noon today, as the 1% supporters of Mitt Romney met at the S. Michigan Ave. Hilton for a $1,000-a-head fundraiser, the 99% lined up outside on the sidewalk in order to protest Romney’s “Tax the Poor” policies.

“We formed a human red carpet to demonstrate what Romney wants to do to working families,” explained Stand Up! Chicago policy analyst Elizabeth Parisian. “Romney supports tax policies that would cut the taxes of the very wealthy 15% by increasing those of poor families by a full 60%. If that’s not stepping on the 99%, I don’t know what is.”

The assembled protestors lay supine underneath an actual red carpet, inviting Romney’s 1% guests to literally step all over them. None of the wealthy attendees entering the hotel took them up on the offer, seeming to prefer to just symbolically trample the low-income and middle-class families who would suffer under Romney’s proposed tax policies.

A Corporate Welfare King puppet, wearing oversized Romney buttons, did take up the challenge. While stepping from one side of the carpet to the other, the puppet loudly expressed his support of Romney’s pro-1% economic agenda.

While Romney was nowhere to be seen, the protestors were confident he would appreciate their red carpet. “He’s worth over $200 million and made $20 million last year on just investment income,” said Parisian. “In fact, he had very little, if any, earned income last year. It’s not surprising that he wants to decrease taxes on investment income and doesn’t care if taxes go up on those of us who work for a living. He’s looking out for number one, and the 1%, at the same time.”

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