Recent Tornadoes in OH, AR, OK Caused By Fracking

Nonviolent Energy

Tornadoes, Faucets Catching On Fire, Carcinogenic chemicals in the water such as benzene, toluene and increased radiation, deforestation
Recent Tornadoes In Youngstown, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma Caused By Francking Companies

Monday Mar 26th, 2012

Fracking is putting benzene, toluene, radiation into the watershed, seting faucets on fire,
deforesting, causing earthquakes etc.

Chesapeake, Encana and other oil fracking (hydraulic fracturing)
companies with their vertical, slant, and horizontal drilling
of Marcellus shale in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia... to
other formations in Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Canadian provinces

1. poison the entire watershed with lethal chemicals: radiation, benzene, toluene and others
2. deforest untold hundreds of thousands of acres
3. cause earthquakes
4. use the power of their money to buy out resisters
5. have some corrupt judges on their side granting eminent domain
6. in some states have caused fire to explode out of water faucets
7. kill cows, sheep, wildlife
8. Months of harsh noise in the initial drilling
9. mineral rights are lost as well
10. small companies sell their contracts with individual
property owners to larger companies who ignore the contracts
11. BP fracking may have been a factor in the Gulf disaster
12. The poisonous chemicals besides getting into human air and water supplies are poisoning wildlife and fishes. Gasland by Josh Fox
Water on fire
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