Wed 3/28: Milwaukee, WI Protests Mayor 1% Rahm Emanuel

Occupy Chicago Press Committee

Occupy Riverwest //

Media Advisory: PROTEST Rahm Emanuel

Contact: Jacob Flom, (262) 573-7185,

Joseph Brusky, (414) 507-2443,

When: Wednesday, March 28th beginning at 10:30am

Where: Italian Community Center, 631 E. Chicago St., Milwaukee, WI

What: Protest Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Who: Occupy Milwaukee, Occupy the Hood Milwaukee, Occupy Riverwest, Students for a Democratic Society, Peace Action WI, Occupy the Hood Chicago, Southside Together Organizing for Power, the Milwaukee Coalition to Protest NATO/G8, Progressive Democrats of America, Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement, the Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association, International Action Center, Wisconsin Jobs Now, SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin, and the Chicago Mental Health Movement

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is working hard to take away our civil liberties when the NATO's generals meet in Chicago for a joint summit this May. The mayor passed two ordinances that expand Chicago's ability to crack down on protestors by restricting protestor's rights, raising fines for resisting police, and give the mayor blanket spending authority for the NATO summit. Occupy is opposed to the restriction of our civil liberties, particularly our right to free expression.

The mayor is spending millions purchasing paramilitary anti-rioting gear for his police force - increasing the likelihood of police violence, injury, and trauma. While he has blanket authority to spend on militarizing his police force and war, he is closing down half of all mental health institutions in Chicago, and has privatized seven of the city’s Neighborhood Health Clinics. This move will not only cut many jobs, but will also inevitably raise health care costs for Chicago's most vulnerable citizens and minority populations.

The Occupy Movement and our coalition condemn the blanket spending of money paying for war while integral social service programs and thousands of jobs are being cut.

When we go down there to protest, we deserve our civil liberties! Money for healthcare, not warfare!


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