Journalist Jamie Kalven sues CPD for withholding records in Laquan McDonald case

Hyde Park Herald

Polk Award-winning journalist and human rights advocate Jamie Kalven has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department (CPD). Kalven is suing the department for withholding investigation records into the cover-up of Officer Jason Van Dyke’s killing of Laquan McDonald.

The lawsuit is as a result of CPD’s denial of a record request in November of last year Kalven submitted under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Kalven is seeking records from a probe into the department’s handling of the 2014 police shooting.

The Office of the Inspector General of Chicago at the request of the Independent Police Review Authority (IRPA), CPD Superintendent conducted the misconduct investigation.

According to the suit, the Inspector General’s investigation found that at least 11 officers and supervisors were involved in the cover-up of the shooting of McDonald and had committed serious misconduct.

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