Ancona students to host climate rally downtown

Hyde Park Herald

Fifth and sixth graders at the Ancona School, 4770 S. Dorchester Ave., will host a climate march and rally on Friday, May 5, at Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St.

Each year Ancona students have an integrated science and social studies unit and the climate march and rally is a culmination of everything students have learned over the span of the unit, said fifth-grade math and science teacher Sylvia Glassco.

“The students travel through time,” Glassco said. “We start in 1970, and we look at climate change evidence, we debate news articles, and they [students] end up taking on the role of citizens around the world to talk about what damage climate change is causing, how its affecting people, and how they think that we should address it.”

Fifth graders, Morrison Giggetts and Kene Obiaya, are organizers of the event. Jiggetts was inspired to host the rally and march after learning of past projects from students at Ancona.

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