Tax Scam Demonstration 2


This is the second audio file from the demonstration.

Audio from speakers before and after the march to protest the passage of the "tax reform" bill in Congress that not is a windfall for the rich and is expected to drive up the deficit by over a trillion dollars, but it also opens the Artic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and fracking, gets rid of the health insurance mandate from the Affordable Care Act and other amendments that have nothing to do with tax reform. The audio begins with a representative from the Graduate Student Union as graduate students would be affected greatly by this bill. The audio has some uneven spots when one of the speakers went out. The 2nd file has poor audio as I could not get to the one working speaker and there were high winds in Federal Plaza.

The event took place from 5-6:30 on Monday 12.4.2017. Demonstrators rallied at 300 S. LaSalle St. and then marched around the area chanting. They were guided by the Chicago Police. The rally ended at Federal Plaza and dispersed from there.

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