Christine Svenson Accused of 'Anti-Semitism' by GOP Ward Committeement

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GOP Leaders Call Out Christine Svenson, a low-rent lawyer, for her Anti-Jewish Remarks, and Other Bizarre Conduct.

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Sent: Mon, Feb 12, 2018 11:12 am
Subject: Anti-Semitism

It is commendable of you to stand up against anti-Semitism in the case of Arthur Jones.

Rita Zak and I, Republican Ward Committeemen from Chicago who are Jewish, are asking you do the same with Christine Svenson, the current candidate for Cook County Judge in the 13th Judicial Sub-Circuit, who has made openly anti-Semitic comments in the past, attested to by a witness, and is believed to harbor strong anti-Semitic views.

As you know, the 13th Sub-Circuit is made up of Barrington, Palatine, Hanover, Schaumburg Townships and part of Wheeling Township.

While Arthur Jones' filing was unavoidable, Christine Svenson's filing was preventable insofar as her anti-Semitic comments and attitudes, for example, her stating, "too many Jews in Florida", was brought to the attention of a several Republican Party leaders, including you, well before the filing date.
Both long before and since Svenson's filing, I have informed Republican Party officials and officer holders about Svenson's conduct and demanded action. Among the officials and office holders I have spoken to about Svenson are: Richard Porter, Jeanne Ives, Carol Donovan Smith, Blair Garber, Dan Patlak, Aaron Del Mar, John Fogarty, Chris Cleveland, Ruth O'Connell and Lori Yokoyama. Responses received have been: "prove it!," "hearsay," "zero evidence," "never heard her say that." "I am sorry Eloise, but I already told her to use my name," "we all know who she is," "we can't stop her from running," I heard about it." "I've known her for six years," etc.

Rita Zak and I have been boycotting meetings of the Cook County Republican Party Central Committee through the current day because Christine Svenson continues to be the "General Counsel" of that organization and is permitted to sit at the main dais while participating in such meetings. Both our concerns, and Christine Svenson's conduct, have been brushed off by a succession of two Cook County GOP Chairmen, Aaron Del Mar and you, as well as other party leaders.

Upon learning that Christine Svenson had filed to run for Cook County Judge in the March, 2018 Republican Primary, relying on endorsements from her Party contacts, we have renewed our demand that her conduct be rejected decisively and that Party leaders affirm by conduct, not just quotes for the media, their opposition to anti-Semitism in any form and from any source. Our concerns have been avoided or ignored.

While Republican officials are speaking out against Arthur Jones, it is high time that the Republican Party of Illinois face and remedy its long standing internal problems of prejudice in order to become the party it claims to be.

Eloise Gerson
2nd Ward GOP Committeeman

Rita Zak
42nd Ward GOP Committeeman

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