Ingredients In Vaccines

Toxic vaccine ingredients and the right to refuse

Some vaccines are effective. Many are ineffective. Othere kill or cause great injury to those who take them. The public has a right to know the risks. Those citizens who wish have a right to refuse vaccines for themselve and their children.

Many vaccines are neither vegetarian nor vegan. They are developed using bovine (from cows) blood and enzymes, gelatin and amino acids (animal bone product), glycerol from cow lard, galactose from cows' milk, fertilized eggs etc. Polio vaccines are developed on cells of monkey kidneys. Pig gelatin is widely used in vaccines including flu shots. Besides the issue of not causing animals suffering is that of the dangers of using products from often diseased animals suffering from Mad Cow (bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Mad Pig (porcine spongiform encephalopathy), ecoli, trichinosis etc.

Many ingredients are hidden. Drug companies claim that patents do not permit listing the ingredients. Many Muslims, Hindus, and Orthodox Jews object to vaccines obtained from slaughtered cows and pigs.

Truth about the dangers of many vaccines is being suppressed. Increasingly the right
to refuse certain treatments and vaccines is being violated. Some Liberians were forced at gunpoint to submit to ebola treatment.

There are many viruses lumped under the term corona virus including the common cold and the flu which can be transmitted by proximity. Should people who have colds or the flu be quarantined? Should the majority of the public who don't take the flu vaccine be required to? STD's as the name suggests are transmitted
by sexual contact. Should sex be outlawed? Are deaths from flu, pneumonia, lung cancer etc being lumped together and identified as COVID19 deaths?

Search engines, Facebook etc are calling research into these dangers 'fake news', 'disinformation', etc while removing censored content. This is proof of the increasing power of the CDC, NIH, and 'health' establishment to control citizens. It is also proof of
the financial power of the multinational drug companies who profiteer from vaccines. One cannot decide on the safety of a particular vaccine if the lawsuits against the vaccine maker are hidden as well as the vaccine ingredients.

During G W Bush's administration, a bill exempting
vaccine makers from liability for causing deaths or injuries
was passed into law. The effort was spearheaded by then senator Bill Frist
of Tennessee, a member of the billionaire family which owns
United Health Care. Judge Scalia and other Republicans on the Supreme Court ruled that vaccine ictims could not file lawsuits in state courts. Since then a federal vaccine court was set up to reimburse those injured by vaccines at taxpayer expense Its decisions are not publicized and the court has paid out less than 10 billion dollars despite thousands of lawsuits. Drug companies were shielded from publicity and from any loss of profits. Now both Trump and Biden as well as Republican and Democrat leaders are promoting vaccines.

Smallpox was originally called cowpox or kine pox. Chickenpox, avian flu, swine flu all come from animal agriculture. Yet the government is not telling us to avoid eating mammal or bird flesh. Rather it is shielding slaughterhouse companies such as JBS, Smithfield, and Tyson while subsidizing ranchers and factory farms.

Pearce Wright, the science editor of the London Times, wrote that the 17 countries
which had the most incidence of AIDS matched in exact sequence
those which had had the most alleged smallpox vaccine. The odds
of a 17 point sequence matching in exact order are 1 in zillions.

Over the years trillions of animals have been made to suffer and die
in the development of vaccines in laboratories. Primates have been caged for years at Emory University,the CDC,NIH,Harvard,Yaleetc and many other labs around the world. list of vaccine ingredients
gelatins from pigs The book by Owen Parrett, Diseases Of Food Animals, analyzes some of the thousands of diseases from ingesting the flesh of murdered animal cadavers or products from caged animals. (How sad to term a cow a 'food' animal.}

Smallpox vaccine and spread of AIDS article by Pearce Wright, former science editor of

London Times

There is virtually no coverage of the many deaths and injuries of vaccines
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program -
Profiteering vivisector vaccine makers are shielded from liability and lawsuits against them are hidden

Forced sterilization in Africa

Court says Pfizer must pay for death of African children

US court orders 6 million be paid to victims of Merck's Gardasil

Texas legislature blocks Gov Perry's attempt to make Merck's Gardasil vaccines compulsory

Wyeth vaccine gave child seizures

Blood Sweat and Tears: Toxins in The Flesh Of Murdered Animals

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