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Because with American troops still in the Middle Eastern countries of Afghanistan and Iraq,while across the street from my Chicago apartment sits an empty bulldozer that was being used to make unbearable noise on Thursday,since ever since 2003 Government regulations on equipment that can be used have been loosened to allegedly benefit small business,despite the unbearable noise.And the fact that there maybe another way to help financially struggling people,Federal Government jobs in their city the way people had in the 1980’s and 1990’s would be better then having them make unbearable noise.
Besides the Bulldozer across the street when I need to eat there is a sign on the Jewel Grocery foodstore,that says,”Due to an Executive Order signed by the Governor of Illinois.No one can enter the Jewel Grocerystore without a mask on their face.”

So I can’t simply get food,without wearing a mask on my face,despite the CDC saying people don’t need masks.The Federal Government may need to tell all 50 States to lift their mask mandates.Because it is not just a MiddleEastern issue.It is now time to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
After the Romans destroyed the Jewish Temple Thousands of years ago.The Arabs for Thousands of years,called themselves Palestinians so when the Romans occupied the area it was called Palestine.After leaving the land the Jews settled in various European countries.

Once the Jews arrived in Europe,for Thousands of years there were lynchings,killings and other legal forms of discrimination against Jews.The word Ghetto was an Italian word for the “Separate segregated community with a locking gate that all Jews were required to live in and they needed to be back in the Ghetto,wherever they went before the Gate was locked.” Underneath this text is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about the word Ghetto.
The term was originally used for the Venetian Ghetto in Venice, Italy, as early as 1516, to describe the part of the city where Jews were restricted to live and thus segregated from other people. However, early societies may have formed their own versions of the same structure; words resembling ghetto in meaning appear in Hebrew, Yiddish, Italian, Germanic, Old French, and Latin. During the Holocaust, more than 1,000 Nazi ghettos were established to hold Jewish populations, with the goal of exploiting and killing the Jews as part of the Final Solution.[3][4]
Because only nonJews could be the Kings of European countries,an educated nonJew could overthrow the King and be King.So since educated Jewish people could never be King anyway,a certain amount of Jews were allowed to get a good education.While these Individual Jews were successful,they may because it was different then America,have not been paid a lot of money.And even if they were successful,there relatives were poor discriminated against Jews.

In the 1890’s Theodore Herzl came up with the idea of Zionism.Herzl said that Jews not just as a religion but as an Ethnicgroup are discriminated against.The discrimination is because in every country in the world,Jews are a minority.
While Black people in America are a minority.There are countries in Africa where Black people are majority.And the U.S. Government to get along with the African countries needed to pass CivilRights legislation.
Because there is not One country in the world,where Jews are a majority they can be mistreated in every country they live in,without these countries being concerned about what other countries will say.So set up the First Majority Jewish Ethnic country since biblical times,so Jews will be like everyone else.And the Jewish people who live in America or England,because Israel is a country people need to get along with,will be treated equally.

Herzl was offered Madagascar as the new Jewish homeland.Other Jewish people didnot want to leave Europe and take some land in Africa.Other Jewish people said,because according to the OldTestament it is where Jewish people once had their Majority Jewish country.For Ethnic and Religious reasons have the Jewish people leave Europe go to Palestine.And if they outnumber the Arabs 5to1,the country can be renamed Israel and they will have a homeland again.

In 1919 England agreed to the,”White paper.” This said that England which owned Palestine which was majority Arab with some Jewish people living there at the time,would let enough Jews move to Palestine to turn it into the First majority Jewish area since biblical times.And from there England would withdraw their troops and it would be the Jewish country of Israel with the world’s First Majority Jewish Army since biblical times.

In 1933 Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany.Palestine consisted of White-British troops,some White-Jewish families that had moved there.But the majority of the people who lived there were Arabs.And while the land was legally considered to be British owned.Because they lived as a majority,got along with their Jewish neighbors,and had certain rights.The Palestinian people considered this to be having a country.
While Jews had been killed and lynched in most European countries,Germany until Hitler came to power had been considered the least anti-Jewish country in Europe.There was a mood of,”Could the killing of Jews happen in Germany again also”,after Hitler was elected.

Because Germany was a Democracy in 1932.But after Adolph Hitler was elected the head of Germany,Hitler set it up so he was now the only name on the ballot and Germany became a dictatorship.For the First 6 months Hitler was in office,because being Jewish in Germany was like being Jewish in America.German-Jews organized a boycott of Hitler.Had the German-Jewish boycott of Hitler succeeded after only 6 months,because German Democracy was different then American Democracy,Hitler would have had to resign.

According to Tom Segev’s book,”The Seventh Million:The Israeli’s and the Holocaust”,and the website of the Israeli Holocaust Musuem,Vad Yashem.David Ben-Gurion negotiated a deal with Hitler,that Ben-Gurion believed would lead to a certain amount of German-Jews being allowed to leave Germany and move to Palestine.While the Germans would get rid of some Jews by letting them leave Germany and move to Palestine.Having an increase in Jews moving to Palestine,would Ben-Gurion figured give Jewish people the majority they needed to rename the country Israel and have a majority Jewish Ethnic state.

As part of the deal,the Zionists would get German-Jews to end their boycott of Hitler.While no one could have known,that Adolph Hitler would murder 6 million Jewish people.Had the Zionists not made this deal with the Nazi’s,German-Jews wouldn’tve stopped their boycott of Hitler.And Hitler would have been removed from office before he could kill Jews.

And while Israel may have become a majority Jewish country by 1951 instead of 1948,6 million Jews could have lived and by 1952 the Jewish people would have had their First Majority Jewish Ethnic state since biblical times.I like to believe Israel still would have become a Majority Jewish country by 1948.Whether it would have been 1948 or not,had the boycott against Hitler not been broken by 1952 the Majority Jewish Ethnic state of Israel would have existed while 6 million Jews lived.

In 1948 Jewish Holocaust survivors victimized people,who had been tortured put in concentration camps for no reason,and had their slavecamp numbers against their will tattoed onto their arms arrived in what was then Palestine.

In 2001 I had a job at a Sales Company in the Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove,Illinois IPA.I quit the job after a couple weeks but while I was at the job,I met a Black African from the country of Nigeria.According to this Black African who is a Muslim,he belonged to a Muslim sect that says Black and White people are in Heaven.In 1948 the United Nations said Half of Palestine would be given to the Jewish people and be called Israel.
The Jewish people would have their First Majority Ethnic country since biblical times.The other half of the land the Arabs would keep.The Palestinian Arabs according to this fellow Muslim,were willing to accept a deal where they would leave their homes and relocate to the otherside of the land.So half of the land would be the Jewish country of Israel.
But there was a belief amoung Palestinians that if they accepted this fair deal,Israel would then against the U.N. Declaration take the other half of the land and for cooperating they would be left homeless.This Black African from Nigeria knew I was a White-Jewish guy when he told me this.I said to him,it is possible knowing what I know about other Jews,that perhaps unintentional ly Menachem Begin scared the Arabs.Now that Jewish people were being attacked by Palestinians of course it was justified,to take all the land and make the whole area the Jewish country of Israel.
While there is a picture of the Palestinian Muslim leader before Israel was created as a country,The Grand Mufti meeting with Adolph Hitler.And it is alleged that the Mufti asked Hitler to stop Jews from coming to Palestine to set up a new country Israel by killing more of them.Some Arabs have posted on Facebook pages that the Mufti did not like Hitler and because England controlled the area,he was put in a political position where because of something bizarre going on he had to speak to Hitler.Eventhough England would eventually after being attacked by Hitler go to war against him.

Whatever was going on with the Mufti,most of the Palestinian people got along with the Jewish people who lived in Palestine.And when Jewish immigrants began coming to Palestine before the creation of Israel,most of the Palestinian people got along with those Jewish people.

After Israel won the war of 1948,Two decisions were made 1)Some Palestinians would be allowed to continue living in Israel.These Arab-Muslims would be called Arab-Israeli’s and since this new country would be a majority Jewish country,these Arab-Muslims like Black people in a mostly Whitetown would be allowed to vote and marry a Jewish person if they want.2)This Majority Jewish country would be a Democracy where the people of Israel,mostly White-Jewish people and the Arab-Muslim minority would vote for a Prime Minister the sameway in America they elect a President.This was a relief to Jewish people in America,who wanted the First Majority Jewish Ethnic country since biblical times,to be Democratic so there wasn’t any Jewish on Jewish abuse of the people who live there.
While there was now a Majority Jewish Ethnic country Israel,outside of Israel was a refugee camp.The other Arab-Muslims the ones who aren’t living in Israel as a minority with equalrights,the other Arab-Muslims were living in Refugee camps guarded by Jewish-Israeli soldiers with guns.

In America in Mississippi in 1948,Every restaurant in the state was legally ordered to not serve African-Americans they could shut a restaurant down for serving Black people.Each restaurant in Mississippi could choose whether to serve a Jewish person.Since we Jews were considered to be,”White people who are different then other White people.” If 3 out of 5 restaurants in Mississippi refused to serve a Jewish person in 1948.In 1964 while the CivilRights Act came from the African-American CivilRights movement,it is worded to say you can’t discriminate against anyone for their,”Race,Religion,Creed,or EthnicBackground.” While America needed to appeal to Majority Black countries in Africa,when they passed the Civil Rights Act.
I am convinced having One country,Israel where Jewish people are an Ethnic Majority means that countries like America,England,and Canada from 1948-2021 needed to make sure Jewish people were treated fairly since it influences relations with Israel.So I believe that in order for Jewish people to be treated equally in countries where they are a minority America, England,Canada,there needs to be One Majority Jewish Country somewhere else in the world.

But what about other people?The Two State solution is the only fair and humane deal for the Palestinians,let me explain.

In 1967 Israel won a war.This means ever since 1967 you have had a Majority Jewish country called Israel and next to Israel a place that is not a part of Israel,it is called the WestBank and Arabs live there.But Jewish Israeli troops patrol it.And it is considered to be territory Israel won in 1967.There are Two options when it comes to the Palestinians.
1)Continue eventhough it is not the country of Israel,to have Jewish-Israeli’s take the homes and land of Palestinians living in the occupied WestBank area.While Jewish-Israeli soldiers allow it to happen.Because of the idea that you will eventually be able to make all the occupied Palestinians leave.My African friend from Nigeria told me Saudi Arabia has agreed that if all of the occupied Palestinians are forced to leave the WestBank.Saudi Arabia will take the Palestinians in.Pushing the Palestinians out of the WestBank would lead to the Palestinians moving to SaudiArabia.And the WestBank Territory will either be an additional place for Jews or maybe the U.N. will let them make the WestBank a part of Israel and they will have a bigger Israel.

2)The other option is for their to be a Majority Jewish country Israel and next to Israel,an area called “The Palestinian state”, “the Palestinian entity”,whatever you want to call it.The sameway that Puerto Rico has their own flag,they elect their own PuertoRican Government officials.But Puerto Rico is not considered their own Independent country,Puerto Rico is a territory owned by America.So if Puerto Rico doesn’t do certain things America can send in it’s Army.PuertoRico is not One of the 50 states it is a territory controlled by America.
This “Palestinian state”,would be a place with a Palestinian flag,Palestinian cops,Palestinian Firefighters,Palestinian elected officials,but once a Month some Jewish-Israeli troops would come by and visit.And remind the Palestinians that they don’t have their own country.This land that they fly a Palestinian flag on,is owned by the Majority Jewish country Israel and they must fullfill certain obligations to Israel or else the Israeli military will reoccupy.The Palestinians shakehands with the Israeli soldiers.The Israeli soldiers leave.You have a Majority Jewish country Israel and next to it a territory Arabs live in,that is to Israel what Puerto Rico is to America,except that this territory is rightnext to Israel.

This deal the Palestinians liked so much,that when Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin offered it to them,in 1993.The Palestinians quickly formed an all Palestinian Police force to crackdown on any fellow Palestinians who were still blowing things up.Yitzhak Rabin was killed in 1995 by a fellow Jew,for being a “Traitor to the Jews.” Because you need to both have One Majority Jewish country,to make sure Jews are treated fairly in othercountries.And also provide the Palestinians with the same level of freedom that PuertoRicans and other people enjoy,this was agreed upon by everyone as the best possible deal for the Palestinians.

The African National Congress by calling for,”No separate all Black homelands,giving all Black South Africans the right to vote in a South African election.The White SouthAfricans accepting that as long as they are treated equally they are an Ethnic minority.And Israel ending the occupation of the WestBank,” are themselves accepting the idea that what the Palestinians get will need to be different from what they have had since 1994.A Majority Black country with Black Presidents where the White minority owns the business’s.Since there are Majority White Anglo-Saxon countries like England,Canada,and America.So it is different when it involves Jews.

I do support a Two state solution,that would give the Palestinians a place on the WestBank.

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