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Fiji National Police
Brigadier Quiliho - Fiji Police Chief
Nadi Farmer's Market
Today, I was assaulted in the men's room of the public toilet, located at the Nadi Towncenter Farmer's market, by a crossdressing cop.



Today, 13 May 2022, I was assaulted in the men's room of the public toilet, located at the Nadi Towncenter Farmer's market.

The fee to use the toilet is 20 cents; however, the agent who normally collects the toll was absent and their window closed.

There was a scantily-clad woman, non-Fijian standing between the entrances to both the men's and women's toilets, who indictated that it was ok to enter. I didn't know whether she was in charge of collecting the toll, which she didn't attempt to do, or if she had some other agenda. As originally stated, her manner of dress was suspicious.

I then entered one of the men's stalls and tried to close it behind me. She "forced" it open, and entered the stall with me. She then locked it behind her, making me a prisoner. I asked her to leave and she refused, cupping my scrotum through my trousers, which were still up. This was legally a "sexual-battery" on "her" part. I backed-away several times and she repeated the sequence of grabbing my scrotum. I refused each time. She then asked for a dollar and promised to leave. I then gave her approximately a dollar in change and asked her once again to leave. She then complained about not being paid enough. I finally demanded that she leave and threatened to scream. She then relented and left the stall. I also added that I believed her to be a police-officer and insisted that I didn't want to be set-up.

*Since, I was dragging a suitcase with me, I may have been pegged by her as a tourist with money. In fact, I was on my way "to" the airport; but, was not allowed to board my flight. My second transit stop was in Darwin, which is a domestic airport. I am unvaccinated; so, I can only "transit" through Australia. The Darwin stop would have required me to "enter" Australia in Sydney. **This is strong evidence that the Fijian government has decided to target "tourists" for fines, prosecution, blackmail and extortion. Tourists are an identifiable "class," making this targeting legal-grounds for an "international" class-action suit.

Also, as stated previously, she was not Fijian. She appeared to be 30 years old, African-black, probably Bantu, and spoke with an American accent. She was slender and stood about 177cm. I didn't notice if she was wearing heels. She was also probably a "man." Flat chin, long torso, small pelvis and hips. The low-position of the waistband on her skirt suggested an Adonis-belt.

BTW, the Fiji police do use cross-dressing officers. I've noticed this in Lautoka.

I believe this to have been a police-officer for several reasons. She had no interference at the public toilet, even the toll-taker was absent (the community-watch are not only pro-active in Fiji, they are also violent. unless this were a police-operation, they would not have tolerated it. the farmer's market is also located on civic property.); she appeared to be a crossdresser, but was well-dressed, clean and "not" desperate; such police scams are notorious and ancient; she was not-Fijian and had a US speech-accent. She/he is likely either from a big-city US police force, like the LAPD, or is from the FBI. Finally, a CID officer from Nadi, warned me about this operation back in March. I rented a flat from his wife.

*This is not only a dispicable and criminal way to fund a government, I personally experienced "sexual" assault-and-battery by this officer. The force involved and the refusal to take "no" for an answer, made this "attempted-entrapment." It is also "unlawful-detention," as she locked the stall door behind her and prevented me from leaving. Unlawful-detention shares some of the characteristics of kidnapping, which is a "capital" offense. Sexual-battery also shares many of the characteristics of "rape," which is also a capital offense. The fact that this officer locked the door made the circumstances completely "custodial," which "is" a defense that anyone caught in this dragnet can "legitimately" use. It also makes "compliance," on the part of the victim non-criminal (it is a fact of human-nature, that some people "comply" their way out-of violent confrontations).

*It is also my opinion that any victim-suicides, from these operations, will effectively be murder on the part of the Fijian government.

This methodology is likely being employed, for all of the arrests and convictions made or being made with this operation. In my opinion "all" of these operations should cease immediately and all charges dropped and convictions overturned, with all fines levied being returned to the victims, with treble-damages and a formal letter of appology on agency letterhead, restoring the victim's reputation in the community. Also, all those placed on STMP (Suspect Target Management Program) as a result of these operations, should be immediately removed from this program, and all associated lists and be given life-long immunity from this program.

Furthermore, the locked stall-door gave me and gives any other victim "reasonable-suspicion" to believe that they are about to be raped, or become a victim of some other "violent" crime. It is my opinion that I myself or any other victim would be justified in using "deadly" force, if necessary, to escape.

If any attorney would like to take this case pro-bono, or on-contingency, I will be a good witness. I think this case has great potential for a class-action suit (tourists and extranationals), I just ask that I be named a "priority-plaintiff!"

BTW, I am also willing to testify, for the defense of any person from any country, as long as my expenses are paid. I am willing to file an amicus (friend of the court) brief, if requested.

John South Wakefield III, 04 Nov 1959

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