Morlocks et coquillards

Patrice Faubert

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They come from the future
They come from the past
The hard-eyed morlocks
The shellfish of venality
It's the panic of poverty
Sometimes in organized gangs
They can rape or kill
Often under the influence of alcohol
Crawl of violence taking off
Their hopes are low
On their soles, a real glue
The exacerbation of concupiscence
Quarreled are all their senses
Like the luxurious rich
To the pleasures so vain
Morlocks and shellfish
that can be recycled
For the law, to reign
When the water of history is troubled
And where for a few pennies
And to targeted people, they will twist the blow!
They don't really have a political edge
It's survival, the money buoy
Who gives them to drink
Who makes them believe everything
Who gives them money
Become their sergeant
But, all social strata
Are affected, it's economic war, capital
Wealth from poverty
poverty of wealth
Morlocks and shellfish
The eyes are dull
Morale is low
Everywhere, we fight!
And the world
And the world
where everything is absolutely violent
Where everything is absolutely aberrant
Everywhere, shellfish and morlocks
Movement ready for anything, for the slightest charm
Subject where the individual is not very talkative
Even after dessert
However, everything is obsessed, by the money, by the ass
Tripalium and prostibulum
Already in the fifteenth century
The Ecclesiastical Libidinous
Who couldn't take it anymore, the cudgel
Visiting brothels
Twenty percent, went to the beauties
Bring out the sexual energy
For a little less emotional plague
It's the emotional plague
It's the emotional plague
It's the emotional plague
Of all the accumulated repressions
A bomb ready to explode
Sublimated sexual energy
Human relationships
are morlocks
Human relationships
Are shellfish
And everybody snitch
He's the first to shoot
No need to know how to read
It's the first to strike
To smack you
Everything is symbolic
In this world, totally schizophrenic
always do something
always be something
Always strike a pose
Without ever the slightest pause
We are at war
We throw stones at each other
The world is morlock
The world is shellfish
The world unlocks
The world is funky
Anxiety with reason
Is not anxiety
Anxiety for no reason
Is anxiety
worry with good reason
Ain't worry
Worry for no reason
Is worry
And everything is like that
But we say, c'est la vie, and voila!
Sports activity does not make you lose weight
Except athletic walking, without fail
Soon the synthetic man
Absolute memory, absolute pitch, robotics
Born ready, eternally twenty years
Dangerous, unpredictable, emotionally
Soon the synthetic woman
computer love
computer friendship
Everything will come out of the factories
Like serial cars
Like a shitty ass
And all of them, the same mine!
Here, there, in China
The market will be invaded
To all the purses, cuddly kisses
For this infinite misery!
Already, humans look like machines
Already, machines look like humans
But there is CCTV
By Newspeak, renamed CCTV
The madness of security, and its malfeasance
Which everywhere rages and punishes, with its decoration!
What Makes Our Lives So Fragmented?
The human being is neither bad nor good
But he's owned, by society, and his organization
And all its misrepresentations
As the specialist
Who knows well, only his list
And who forgot all the rest
In the holed pockets of his jacket
Our global vision
Is still very very limited
She's only fake
It's supermarket, it's commercial!
The reckless traveler
It's a psychological revolution
And not technical
As in the famous novel
Fire (1911-1985) René Barjavel
From (1943) "The Reckless Traveller"
Who in the imagination, makes sparks
The psychological revolution
Is without a vehicle, without a device
Without any technological prosthesis
To move, through all eras
Live all the possible, without any fake
Shellfish and morlocks
Are not always poor
Sometimes they are in the shadows
Childhood is a social invention
Adolescence is a social construct
Old age is social security
The creation of economic compartments
Political functioning is a clinic
life is risky driving
Morlocks and shellfish
Of impoverishment
Morlocks and shellfish
Nice clothes of corruption

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