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Stories fly by quick on our newswire. You many have missed a couple you want to check out – and join in the conversation.

Hundreds Protest I.C.E. and Call on Them to Stop Racist Practices
Claudia García-Rojas on one of Monday’s biggest, most diverse actions – and the ass-kicking that local immigration rights activists handed to a local congressman who had it coming for his cowardice.

IVAW and Afghans for Peace In Historic March On NATO
Every corporate outlet on the planet seems to think that misreporting calculated police violence is more important than military veterans flinging their medals back at the NATO generals and their paymasters. We disagree. Check out this short report from IVAW.

And speaking of police violence – something the vast majority of youth of color in the Windy City live with every single day of their lives – two stories on our newswire about the weekend’s NATO protests have been drawing passionate debate … and some very interesting factual accounts. Check ‘em out: Undercovers lead night march, arrest local | The two faces of NATO: PR spin versus video reality

Finally, from our friends at Occupied Stories and the Occupied Chicago Tribune, the story of one of the dozens of street medics who had our backs this month. Medics, you rock: The Accidental Medic: A Short Narrative From The NATO Protests

Photos: Sarah Jane Rhee/Chicago Indymedia. Check out her work here, here, here and here!