Dershowitz Plagiarizes Lloyd Hart!

Dershowitz Plagiarizes Lloyd Hart

The Corrupted Nature Conservancy And Ecosia Search Engine

Nature Conservancy: Cowkillers, Deforesters, Drillers

Nature Conservancy, once a network of wilderness sanctuaries, was taken over by Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and G W Bush Secretary of the Treasury who arranged bank bailouts. He turned the forest shrines into mixed use cattle ranches. Now NC is intertwined with the Ecosia search engine and is able to datamine the computers of those doing searches.

Fish Can't Scream. Their Decaying Flesh Is Neurotoxic, Radioactive, And Carcinogenic

Fish Can't Scream. Their Decaying Flesh Is Neurotoxic, Radioactive, And Carcinogenic

Countries with highest fish consumption have the most stomach cancer. Fish fight for life as they struggle suffocating, flipping back and forth on docks. One karmic return of denying other beings breath is having ones own breath problems.

JBO: " I don't eat sushi. There are liver flukes in it."

Dick Gregory: Eating fish liver oil is like eating the filter out of a car.


Police Remove More than 100 McDonald’s Workers from Illinois Statehouse During Poor People’s Campaign Protest Challenging Systemic Racism

Days Ahead of McDonald’s Shareholder Meeting, Cooks, Cashiers Blast Burger Giant for Locking Workers of Color in Poverty


Springfield Protest Follows Delivery of Letter to McDonald’s New Chicago Home Showing How Company’s Record of Blocking Wage Increases Hurts Workers of Color Most


Famous Vegetarians, Vegans, And Fruitarians

A partial list of the world's hundreds of millions of practitioners of nonviolent diet There are 450 million vegetarians in India alone Not mentioned are millions of animal rights vegetarian and vegan activists. Recent polls indicate 12% of millennials are among the 16 million American vegetarians and vegans.

[OUL] Now Up on YouTube, Kevin Ovenden

Now up on YouTube, Kevin Ovenden, "The Rise of the Far Right in Europe, and the Left's Response."

The YouTube video of Saturday May 12, 2018 is now available for viewing on the YouTube channel of the open university of the Left.
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Hormel Slaughterhouse Blood Mist Paralyzing Workers

How ironic that the USDA was founded in 1906 partly in response to the furor created by Upton Sinclair's description of the
agony of pigs at a Hormel plant in Minnesota. In 2011 Hormel was once again in the news, because its workers are being paralyzed
by the inhalation of blood mist, some of it brain blood mist, in their Austin Minnesota slaughterhouse.

ZinkeLinks: 22 Of Many Reasons To Impeach Trump Pick Ryan Zinke

The Trump nominee to head the Department of the Interior
Ryan Zinke was approved by Republican senators. There are countless reasons to impeach Zinke. Please call your senators and representatives at 202 224 3121.

OUL: Kevin Ovenden - The Rise of the Far Right in Europe

Kevin Ovenden: The Rise of the Far Right in Europe, and the Left's Responses

2:30 pm, Saturday, May 12

Logan Square Branch
of the Chicago Public Library
3030 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago
Free parking; wheelchair accessible
Near the “Logan Square” stop on the Blue line & the #74 Fullerton bus
Sponsored by Open University of the Left (note to OUL regulars, this is not our standard

Recent years have seen the growth of neo-fascist movements in parts of Europe on a scale
not seen since the Great Depression.

70 Of Many Ways Donald Trump Harms Animals

70 Of Many Ways Donald Trump Harms Animals

Donald Trump: The Many Ways He Harms Animals
From the animals he's bombed in 4 countries to the veal he serves in restaurants, Trump has killed millions of animals.