Trump & Republican Party: The Party of Cruelty To Animals And Violation of Human Rights

13 state attorneys general, all GOP, claim states have a right to torture chickens in tiny cages and have sued Massachusetts over its
law requiring that eggs in Mass be sold from chickens in less cruel cages. The 13 are AL AR IN LA MO NB ND OK SC TX ut wv WI.


Alabama Executes 83 Year old Man as Ohio Supreme Court Ratifies Judicial Murder

Alabama Executes 83 Year old Man as Ohio Supreme Court Ratifies Judicial Murder

Walter Moody 83 was judicially murdered
on April 19 2018 by the state of Alabama
with the encouragement of Jeff Sessions.
He was the oldest man to be executed in
the US since 1976 when Republicans
on the Supreme Court ruled that execution
does not deprive someone of his
right to life. He had spent 28 years in jail

In 2018 as of April 19, only 4 of 50 states
have carried out prisoner murder.

The Republican 'Prolife' Party Is the Party of War, Execution, and Bear Cub Murder

51 GOP senators as well as independent King of Maine
voted to slaughter bear cubs in their dens while 46 Democrats and independent Bernie Sanders voted no.

Labor Beat / Labor Express Remember Larry Duncan, 1945-2018

CHICAGO - One of the unsung heroes of labor journalism in the US, our co-founder and chief producer Larry Duncan, has died at age 72. We at the Committee for Labor Access (CLA), the producers of Labor Express radio and Labor Beat TV are heartbroken to share the news of Larry's passing. He spent his life documenting the struggles, defeats, and victories of ordinary working people, a class he felt held great untapped strength in our world. He will always be remembered for directing his wit and sardonic humor at those in power.

Crimes Committed By fbi & Federal Judges

This update on crimes by fbi and fmj briefly shows at once my success in exposing those fools and the desperate antics used in their efforts to silence my voice and to stifle my pen.

As a result of my reports showing how fbi and federal magistrate judges  (fmj) plot to fraudulently imprison or kill Targets, the fmj now increase pressure on fbi to silence me.
My papers on topic include the new, unheralded and illegal quasi criminal justice system forged by fbi and this one also at Academia.edu:

OUL Now Up on YouTube, Dr. Lauren Langman, God, Gold, Guns, and Glory

Now Up on YouTube, Dr. Lauren Langman, "God, Guns, Gold, and Glory"

The YouTube video of Saturday, April 15, 2017 is now available for viewing on the YouTube channel of the Open University of the Left.

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Source, encodeur, signal, décodeur, destinataire

" Toutes les toxicomanies sans drogue sont des tentatives infructueuses de maîtriser
la culpabilité, la dépression ou l'angoisse par l'activité. "

" Otto Fenichel ( 1897 - 1946 )

Illegal Purchase Of Execution Drugs As Ark. GOP Gov Hutchinson Seeks To Murder 8 Prisoners

Illegal Purchase Of Execution Drugs As Ark. GOP Gov Hutchinson Seeks To Murder 8 Prisoners

As Arkansas Republicans seek to murder 8 priisoners in 11 days, drug companies, abolitionists work to stop the executions while
the governor, A.G. and corrections officer are under investigation for illegal purchases.


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