Police Officer Connected to "NATO 5" Still Spying on Chicago Protests


InfiltratorTruthout broke the story that an undercover police officer posing as a street medic has infiltrated Chicago activist efforts and protest events, including the anti-NATO actions of 2012 and recent actions against Chicago public school closings.

Quoting from the article: "On March 27, Chicago teachers and their supporters - including parents, students and community residents - rallied against the largest mass public school closure in US history. News of the mobilization sparked huge public interest before the demonstration - including from an undercover police officer calling himself 'Danny Edwards.'

'Danny' - who admitted to us on May 6 that he is, in fact, a Chicago police officer - could have saved himself the trouble and his department the expense. After all, organizers had already coordinated directly with top [Chicago Police] brass about their plans for the next day and widely promoted their intent to stage nonviolent civil disobedience.

His latest undercover sortie as a fake volunteer street medic bookends a hectic year for him." Read more

Additional Links: Chicago Action Medical press release | Chicago Action Medical public statement | Photos of undercover cop spying on dissent in Chicago

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