Radio Waves are used as Weapons"


See as reference:

From Geral Sosbee to Chris- thanks for this important link regarding neuro weapons and pls permit this observation:

You, I and many others are presently targeted for torture and death by the fbi/cia and their associates and operatives and the primary tools used against us include those mentioned in this link

No one can legally and with impunity suggest the need to defend against governmental violent attacks because if one does he goes to jail or is killed outright, as the thugs of the fbi/cia deem appropriate. Thus, I can suggest to the leaders of this sorry nation that your inhumane assaults on the people of the world (including drone bombings and neuro assaults on our brains) will not stand; your crazy efforts to brutally colonize the world and to inhumanely subjugate all peoples cannot be sustained because whatever needs to be done to stop it

will be done.

I trust that this humble message will be understood by the psychopaths, homicidal sociopaths and serial killers of the fbi/cia and military units globally who continue to use the civilian population of the United States as a shield behind which to hide and launch hideous and murderous attacks in the name of America, from 'sea to shining sea'.

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