Cespool (Prod. Krause Beats)

Ground Zero (Theoretic & Nam1Sekatti) feat. Fortified Mind

Hey guys,

I just wanted to get in touch all and share some new music that I have released, along with a few friends of mine.

We are a group called Ground Zero. The group consists of me (Theo) and the homie Nam1Sekatti, which basically spells "it takes one man" backwards. We started this group against inhumanity and injustice shortly after the recession in 2009, with politically charged rhyme schemes and thought provoking lyrics that are still relevant today.

Since I moved overseas, Nam1 and I have still been keeping in touch and still linking up even with our busy schedules to make songs, especially during these times of uncertainty and skepticism. Our new track is called "Cesspool" and is a Johannes Sebastian Bach sample (Concerto #5), produced by the homie Krause Beats.

I would greatly appreciate it if this track got some plays around Chicago! You guys can contact me if you'd like for whatever reason.

Hope all is well and take care!


Ground Zero website:

Theoretic websites:

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