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Get The Internationalist No. 51! A journal of revolutionary Marxism. Send US$1 (includes postage) to Mundial Publications, Box 3321 Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008 USA. Subscriptions $10.

In this issue:
* Teacher Revolts Across U.S. Needed: A Class-Struggle Leadership
* Democrats Exploit School Shooting to Push Racist Gun Control
* EE.UU./OTAN: ¡saquen sus sangrientas garras de Siria!
* Germany: Oury Jalloh and the Fight for Refugee Rights
* U.S./NATO: Get Your Bloody Claws off Syria!
* Los Angeles: Salvadorans Mobilize Against Cancellation of TPS
* Transport Workers Against Deportations statement
* Agreement for Joint Work Between the Class Struggle Education League and the Internationalist Group
* Statement of the Class Struggle Education League: Where We Come From and Where We Are Going
* Boston: Let Siham Byah Come Home! No Deportations! (By CSEL)
* Macerata, Italy: For Workers Action to Defend Immigrants and Stop Fascists!
* Racist Execution in Rio: Workers Revolution Will Avenge Marielle Franco
* NYC Protest Against Racist Execution in Rio de Janeiro
* New York Taxi Drivers Rebellion
* CIA Out of CUNY Now
* Free All Catalan Nationalist Prisoners

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