GERAL SOSBEE, fbi records

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As fbi tortures and tries to discreetly kill me, understand that  in the 1970s,  I (Special Agent GERAL SOSBEE) was cited repeatedly for personal commendations by director of fbi.

Below are a few of the exact words used to describe my work. Note that in my current work to  stay alive while being tortured and to expose fbi agents, operatives & directors as murderous traitors , I continue to employ the same characteristics as identified by fbi directors.

From: fbi directors:
In reference to your excellent services in trying & difficult matters , "you pursued your responsibilities with attentiveness, perseverance & dedication...your services were in keeping with the Bureau's highest  traditions.
You are commended for admirable accomplishment...excellent attitude, diligence & noteworthy performance.
In this complex civil rights undertaking you are worthy of commendation for your laudable efforts...
for the diligent & imaginative manner by which you conducted vitally important interviews with victims in the case...
You were instrumental in the fine results attained 
(Sosbee comments: conviction of a cop for police brutality).

I express my sincere gratitude to you for the excellent job that you did."

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