The Issue

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The Issue

During the rise to unstoppable power of fbi, J.Edgar Hoover (JEH) and universal fascist indications, especially during the roaring 20s and the sorrowful Depression of the 30s, (and continuing at the speed of light today), JEH was behind the curtain gathering and exercising brutal authority at the national, state and local levels.

JEH understood the meaning of fascism and nationalism by watching events in the 30s & 40s under Hitler and Mussolini. He knew that power must be violently forged in international politics, war and in standards for domestic rule.

JEH was born in 1895, bacame director of fbi in 1921&1924, and died in 1972. The overriding objectives during his life were to control the population and to foster extreme nationalism. After all such goals also brought success to the most notorious human monsters of his time, Hitler, Mussolini et al.

JEH also created the fbi National Academy in 1935 where he and his true followers would program all law enforcement officers in USA (and others around the world) in the brutal and often deadly art of control over the population. KILL was the key central to all training.

Other federal or national groups were also created so as to strengthen the power of JEH and his baby, the fbi. For example, Office of Coordinator of Information (an Intel & propaganda group) in 1941, OSS in 1942 ( subsequently the cia).

JEH gathered other staunch allies who shared his views on power. In 1947 the cia was formed with similar values. NCIC was created in 1947 when JEH realized the need for a federal (or 'nationalistic') system for demonizing radical, enemies and critics of the national government.

From 1953-1999 the U.S. Information Office shared war data with fbi and intel community. Today, all Intel groups such as military, doj, cia, STATE DEPARTMENT, Congress, etc., follow fbi 's directives toward and for benefit of nationalistic control of the world (viz: NWO). See also my report on the collapse of the constitutional government of USA and other documentations on fbi use of Directed Energy Weaponry against me and others globally.

A few men challenged JEH unrivalled rise to power: MARTIN LUTHER KING, JOHN F KENNEDY, et al. They were murdered.

I was born in 1945, served in US ARMY from 66-68 & fbi from 71-78. Soon after JEH appointed me as Special Agent, his cadre of 'true believers' began psychological operations against me to discourage my continued service. Ultimately I was forced to quit, but fbi leaves no loose ends.

The machinery of fbi's torture, forced suicide, false imprisonment and assassination program were set in motion to silence me from reporting crimes by fbi.

My reports are 'online' as is my very existence.

Beware of the supreme US authority, the fbi/federal judges who program the population and threaten the world; for they are modern day fascists who use deadly MAFIA tactics and Directed Energy Weaponry to torture, maim & kill and are unprecedented in human affairs.

Thank you kindly .


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