No War on Iran Part 4

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This forum, which took place on Sunday, July 7, 2019 at the Sulzer Regional Library in Chicago, was sponsored by the following organizations: Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice; ALBA Solidarity; Chicago Committee Against War and Racism (CCAWR); Fox River Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice; Gay Liberation Network; Justice in Ayotzinapa Committee; March 19th Antiwar Coalition; Second City Teacher; Veterans for Peace-Chicago; Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

Neal Resnikoff facilitated the panel.
Ali Abutalebi , Iranian political activist, publisher, and board member of the Iranian Economic Reviews, who will be speaking about the U.S. government attacks on Iran, their impact, and the responses of the Iranian government and people.

Kathy Kelly , well known activist and witness to U.S. crimes in the Middle East, who will be speaking on the impact of the death and destruction the U.S. government is continuing to bring to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Betty Resnikoff , long-time political activist and member of CAWC, who will be speaking on the U.S. government attacks on Yemen and Syria and the present situation.

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