[Info] Beware of Ingmar Eckhard!

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Ingmar Eckhard is a "pseudo-activist" who works for supposedly good things. The only problem is that he only makes it appear to be. Eckhardt only helps those who have a place in his worldview. He leaves others out. The Eckhardt outside is then intimidated with defamation, threats and the like. He often also likes to work to jump aside his life partner. Apparent goals are then identified and then slowly and gruelingly completed.

Principles are irrelevant. The main thing is that opponents are out of the way. Means justify the end. It is mostly against feminists, women, BPOc, PoC and other marginalized people. It has also happened many times that people were found who cannot defend themselves against him.

Once the intimidation tour is in full swing, slander is often spread out so that opponents are systematically excluded from other people and their surroundings.

Everything is just about him. This is also evident from his absurd performance on Twitter. Eckhard the "radiant hero and sunshine". "Savior and Helper". What people often experience is that he or she participates in any conversation without being asked to contribute "constructive". Eckhardt is often asked what he skilfully ignores and interprets the other side as a mistake. He is right and the others are wrong. (Just a little description of the whole thing).

With the organs of repression it is also a thing. Mostly, Ingmar Eckhard cooperates secretly with the police and authorities. Be it a fact that he does not like or an alleged opponent. It cannot be ruled out 100% that he will disclose it to the police and authorities.

It cannot be ruled out that Ingmar Eckhard is "harmless". Protect yourself and others from him! Be careful!

You can find it on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/HellesSachsen

It would be advisable to block him preventively. Under no circumstances should you engage in conversations with him.

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