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Peter Criket
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in these days we are publishing a new rare inside story from Peter Cricket,
a former member of AFA (Anti-fascist Action) from the very center of Europe.

The e-book – My Life Antifa – will take you through 20 years of radical actions and activist life,
briefly described in 100 notes on 244 pages. A front-row view from the first line.
It's not a manifest nor a glorification of violence. It's a look back at his life and
a recount of what life on the other side of the law has given and took away from him. 

By buying this book you support a local informal organization that works with
kids of color living in the ghetto, who suffers from racism and discrimination.

We will be grateful for sharing this unique story or any kind of support. 

For more info & samples from the book, visit our website.
The e-book is already available on our website with bonus content for $6.00.
It’s also published on Amazon and will be on Google Books and Kobo in few days.



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All the best and Thanks for the support,

My Life Antifa

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