Bias In The Progress Of A Future: A Tale Of An Asian Pandemic

Michael Lupa Jr.

In a far away land, comes a consummating trait of Asian civilization, where people comes down to the dust of the soil and worship the demigods. As living in a country like the Philippines would be more of an adventure compared to Europe, thus, in every hideaway here is pretty much wild and resilient, and the backdrops are alluring as tropically oriented in it’s characteristic description. So when we figure out, how do we carry on in Manila or Cebu, for instance; that in some cases the survival of the fittest is also an underlying malfunctional behavior – we realize that scarce economy is in reality, then it is acknowledged that options are embroiled with some other complicating impediments. When in an approximate convolution of turfs or a lesser magnitude, perhaps in places of melancholy in some countrysides like Bulacan, are illustrations that twist the realism of people, really quiet scenery of silviculture from the right side of the road to some villages, and as we walk down the inner lanes are old trees deflecting to side of the path, shading the apostasy from the sun. When aspiring for dreams in such range of preference, the landscapes are very modest yet anticipated for the prospect of living a normal life but with challenges of provocation from side to side. As it is known today, many economic progress are taking place in other regions, like of projects initially investing in New Clark City - a 21st century metropolis in the making and as it is speculated as a megapolis of the future, it has many infrastructures that are being built with the conviction of potential profusion. It is famously endorsed on TV programs, that while developing the venture, viewers already had the recommendation on their own drift while bearing the pessimistic side of existence as they watch the news exploit every enterprise therein. The lower class seemingly intimidated by the fling of ambition, and they know that manipulation robs on the sincere virtue, delaying in the resistance of accommodation. Instead, the proposition is requiring the reputable bias, as it indulge in the proclivity of precision, and the determination proceeds to catechizing what is best as our nation is advancing to expansion. Many other progression of undertakings are emerging in some separate territories in the country, like the Dolomite Beach in Roxas Blvd. as it is being covered by white sands along the shoreline, and the stunning beauty of the area is beginning to transpire while in the operation of composition, the trees have the accompanying pulchritude as it stretches to the length of the highway.

The buildings symbolize opulence in the city, while people are merrily gratifying benefits from social systems, demeanors are displayed by ethical standards since norms are always regarding at a distance, and at the composite inference is a particular idealism that the nation is metamorphosing into an exorbitant level that is undoubtedly divaricating. But since the Covid 19 pandemic started in the year 2020, all people sheltered inside their habitations, as the vulnerability increasingly altered to the point where chronology dramatized the occurrences of daily intricacies. The streets testified to the actuality of the historic episodes as there has been lockdowns, while men in uniform are very strenuous in compromising what is left for the advantage which is life in general; and as a matter of providence, somehow most of us had managed the endurance of withstanding the dreadfulness. So if we examine the degree of repute or probability, Philippines has become late in terms of prosperity, for atleast now; and that be with some extent to allocation mileage, and with forbidden bargains that sometimes the country had embarked into involvement with interdictions. Skyline across Manila Bay is far more radically accepted as a reborn city since the beginning of 21th century, where skyscrapers are lofty and demanding while local folks are rewarded by the heading boons which are allocated to the reservoirs. The emotions are high with the inclination of acceptance, but since the launching of the great quarantine, our civilizations has encountered the most brutal experience as of our modern society, and the catastrophic spectres has settled inside the conscious doldrums which dragged the ridicule into the sluggish stage.

Consider the primitive tribes, as they are introduced into a potential futuristic nation, digital technologies are availed through online purchase and store fronts. Inhabitants of Manila are cheapos, as well as the ones in other regions, but postulations upon achieving the grand fortune are cognated to the promotion of innovative technologies that are consumed along with the ignorance of people. Many opportunities are generated with the windfall of servitude and practices, as historic residue of the past has evanesced through deviation and into the interchanging trades and blunders. Aside from the mentioned places, there are also potpourris of towns which are congested with tall buildings, there is Ortigas, Pasig where congestion of skyscrapers are obviously erected for the revelry of the abundant economic results, as winning the stock market is the price that is secured. And in Cebu, as multifarious establishments are expanded while towering skylines are shaping off the silhouette of contouring husbandry. Most areas in towns are evidently developing architectural designs, and also achieving the standard element in the details of every corners in the science of architectonics, as the cities and small villages are becoming first class environment. But since it is suggested to be burgeoning; thus, it is but of the surface of social character, and in the internal aspects of our communities are with defecting formation in the process of livelihood, like unemployment and corruption. The menace that are intuitioned along the frailty contritions in the intervening hatch called hope, as with propositions which are deprived of human dignity, are all impending in the storage of remorse while peerage of exemplary comfort is abominating the occupancy of the grassroots. On the leeway are bricks made up of expensive marbles, and as our feet steps on it is the sense of divulging accusations, while conscience is timidly petrified with condemnation, so the whole idea becomes ludicrous and disparaging. Believing that it is a phenomenal experience, instead vivicating in the senseful verisimilitude is far more advocating, than the obscure communion of abalienation in the first class hypocrisy. Hence, in this futuristic display of progress, where credit cards and money markets are compellingly refurbishing lunatic convulsion, and since prospective inclination is within the realm of idealism where pathetic hip is in the form of denial – thus, it is of peculiar prejudice which is calibrating the average norm. In Makati City, as with it’s glamorous surroundings are prodigal of the view that it exhibits at the constant service of it’s commercial worth. There’s an element of substantive revisionism in the pre-occupation of human interest, something altering but technical. While pondering in the bucolic philanthropy, wisemen plunged into the automatic cognition of modern science. Thou, stupefacted by a brutal homecoming of a disease – as a pandemic menaces the whole world, with some form of viruses are spreading, encompassing with the economic upturn, and the momentous swift of whirling exigencies are terrifying and in need of maneuver. So how can Filipinos deal with the regulations of quarantine in a longer footing, if restrictions shall be implemented in pursuance of the elongating surge of cases.

Just like in Vietnam, Malaysia, or Thailand; Philippines unpunctually accomplished the some kind of prosperous economic system which is publicized on such account, but on the requisite of rigorous collaterals bound since the enslavement of the early culpabilities of the nation. Moreover, on the bright side is the merriment on the grasp of concurrence, enterprising in the hopeful fact that opportunity comes with competition. Though we realize that social grants are not suitable for laymen – and that’s absurd, with the requirements which are insultingly disclosed to public, and sometimes it is questioned in the sanctioning sovereignty. But that’s fascism or racism. Now it is absolutely recognized that GDP is always winning the game, with all the products and services created by the laymen themselves, crawling upon the bigotry of dreams where dog eats dog in the bottling section and whoever is the most ugly wins. Another sentimental tang is the passing away of many individuals in the hands of Covid 19, when sinister had lapsed it’s mode and the due grazed the essence of reality, in the actual pestilence of doom - at the wake of mournful consolation. Today, the virus cases are beginning to diminish, or it may become innumerable once more in the days to come; but now it is one way of contemplating to a renewed civilization, reaching toward optimistic rejuvenation, concomitant with the responding financial outcome as commerce and trade flourish in the coming months, and that’s the presumption of most businessmen. Then, adaptation into the outdoor when staggering to the offices or schools, wherever the plot of acceleration determines the function of career, is at-large with motivation. The sun rises for this primeval culture for Asians, yet the rain dance is not for Muslims, and savage tinge coming from the backdoor is omitting slightly but in the idle interval, pretending to be misinterpreted.

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