End Torture and Detainment: Protest at Federal Plaza, January 11 (updated)

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20th Anniversary Gitmo Protest: SHUT GITMO DOWN

If there is no protest planned at Federal Plaza January 11 there needs to be one, and there's not much time, though we have waited 20 years to SHUT DOWN GITMO.

As the 20th anniversary of Bush's lawless venue at Guantanamo Bay approaches,
what are you doing to demand that it be permanently shut down?

The group that suggested building your own gitmo cage as a public protest is still busy trying to promote peace and sanity, but it's been 15 years, and they have different people now at ctp.org
The very convincing Gitmo cage can still be built for under $300 if you're crafty about how you buy nuts and bolts.
If you can't get a cage build for some reason, we have all of our usual methods of protest available and must use them----

everywhere, but just in case if you're creative, the complete original instructions follow.

End Torture and Detainment: Protest at Federal Plaza, January 11 (updated)
originally posted http://chicago.indymedia.org/archive/newswire/display/75625/index.php
Update here December 23, 2022


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Thursday January 11, 2007 is the 5th anniversary of illegal detention at Guantánamo Naval Base. Build your own Gitmo cage, and join the nationwide protests! Events are being coordinated by Witness Against Torture. They also have provided complete instructions for the "Gitmo cage" shown in the protest at right.
Contact Kyrss Chupp, Christian Peacemaker Team and 8th Day Center for Justice kryss(at)cpt.org for information about the action that is planned for 4-6pm Thursday, January 11, at the Federal Plaza on Dearborn and Jackson. An in-depth presentation is online at
If you can raise $300 for materials, you can build yourself a replica of the infamous Gitmo Cage: the type of housing that victims of torture and illegal detention have come to expect from the USA.

The Gitmo Cage is an artifact of a war against humanity that can be displayed as a sustained protest. Weeks ago, with little fanfare, congress stripped these prisoners of their rights to judicial process. It is urgent that we get the attention of the Democratic majority and demand that they act on the mandate they have received from the people:

We must reverse the WAR OF ERROR! It degrades our humanity each day it continues. Nothing less than a SUSTAINED protest will suffice. Witness Against Torture provides a list of THINGS YOU CAN DO
Complete instructions for BUILDING A GITMO CAGE follow:

Here's an excerpt from the site:

If you have questions about this, you can contact info(at)witnesstorture.org . Direct the message to Gary or Mike. Happy building!

Material List:

23) 2 x 3 x 96 studs $41
20) 10 foot rebar (these will be cut into 40 5 foot sections) $85
1) 24 x 48 Nursery Cart $80
1) 4' x 6' Ondura Red Roof $15
1) 7/16 OSB 4' x 8' sheet $10
18) 4 ½ x ¼ carriage bolts $6
4) 4 x ¼ carriage bolts $1.50
22) Wing nuts $4.50
1) 3/4 rigid EMT electrical conduit, 10' length $15
3) 4 hinges w/ removable pins $4.50
1) fence latch $10
1) 1# 2 ½ screws $3.50
1) wood glue $3
1) U-bolt $2
1) 1 gallon grey paint (try oops paint section) $5-20
1) ½# 1 5/8 sheeting or drywall screws. $3.50
1) 4' length of chain. Your choice of guage. $10
TOTAL COST +- $300.00

Tool List:

5/8 paddle bit (for holes for rebar)
¼ drill bit (for holes for carriage bolts)
3/32 drill bit (for pilot holes)
Screw driver (Phillips)
Hacksaw (or a portable band saw or abrasive saw for cutting metal)
Wood Chisel
Marking Tool (pencil)
Tape Measure
Chalk Box
Cart assembly tools (refer to instructions from manufacturer)
Ingenuity or a pipe bender. Ingenuity is preferable.

Building Instructions:

Cut rebar to 5' lengths except for (7) pieces that will need to be 58 ½ long.
Cut (8) 2 x 3 studs to 60 (These will be the vertical framing members)
Cut (10) 2 x 3 studs to 69 (6 of these will be the horizontal framing members for the long walls, 4 will be for floor)
Cut (7) 2 x 3 studs to 40 (These will be the horizontal framing members for the short walls)
Cut (1) 2 x 3 stud to 48 ¼ (This will support the top of the walls by the door)
Cut (1) 2 x 3 stud to make (2) 4' lengths (This is for framing the floor)
Cut 4' x 8' OSB sheet to 4' x 6'
Assemble cart
Stack (3) 69 horizontal framing members evenly on top of one another. Clamp together. Mark every 5 at center of board for drilling.
Drill all through the three stacked 2 x 3 at same time with 5/8 paddle bit (you might want to use an extension for the bit). See photo below:

Check the calendar on their site for marches, movie screenings and non-violent direct actions, and add your own event.

Updates forthcoming




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