Chicago Activists Move to Take City Council: OSCAR SANCHEZ

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Among candidates endorsed by Chicago DSA for Chicago Alderman is activist Oscar Sanchez, who working to produce a crop of new leaders in neighborhoods including South Shore, South Chicago, East Side, South Deering and Hegewisch. Oscar is the founder of "Alliance for the Southeast" an innovative program for teenagers


Aldermanic Candidate for the 10th Ward

Oscar Sanchez is a Southeast Side environmental activist and youth organizer who joined a 30-day hunger strike to protest a metal scrapper’s planned move into his neighborhood. Sanchez is running on a platform that centers clean air, equitable education, walkable and accessible communities, affordable housing, sustainable and resilient workforce development and collective community safety.

Sanchez is also involved in community organizing with a focus on young people, having co-founded the Southeast Youth Alliance as well as the pandemic mutual aid group the Southeast Response Collective. Sanchez is the first challenger to declare his candidacy for the Far South Side ward, which includes parts of South Chicago, East Side, South Deering and Hegewisch.

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