Labor Rights Erode in Ukraine

INDYRADIO/Open Democracy repost
Labor rights have eroded in Ukraine since the elction of Zelensky, and now he prepares to run again by silencing his remaining critics.

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Ukraine uses Russian invasion to pass laws wrecking workers’ rights

Open Democracy July 20, 2022

Zero-hours contracts set to be legalized and 70% of workforce exempted from workplace protections

The Ukrainian parliament has passed two new radical measures on labour liberalisation, prompting fears of Ukrainians losing workplace rights permanently as Russia’s war puts huge pressure on the country’s economy.

In two laws passed on Monday and Tuesday, MPs voted to legalise zero-hours contracts and made moves towards removing up to 70% of the country’s workforce from protections guaranteed by national labour law.

The latter measure means that employers at small- and medium-sized employers can choose to strike bespoke employment agreements with their employees, outside the national labour code. It also removes the legal authority of trade unions to veto workplace dismissals.

Draft law 5371 had previously been criticised by the International Labor Organization, a UN agency, as well as Ukrainian and European trade unions, on the basis that it could “infringe international labour standards”.

Ukraine’s ruling Servant of the People party argued that the “extreme over-regulation of employment contradicts the Ukraine’s ruling Servant of the People party argued that the “extreme over-regulation of employment contradicts the principles of market self-regulation [and] modern personnel management”..
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<this is part one of three sections that will be posted here>

So it is that we find ourselves again supporting "democracy" around the world, supporting the policies of our own most extreme Fascists, who can't have regulation, because it interferes with "principles of market self-regulation [and] modern personnel management”.

Most of us say no to this, to the extent our voices can be heard at the polls. For decades, we fought for regulation to protect our workers from exploitation and hazards in the workplace.
Now, our $850,000,000,000 War Budget is used to destroy worker protections around the globe, and this is the most egregious example yet.
We have learned that when we rais havock abroad, the damage comes home. Each time we deploy our military - and we have at least 30,000 deployed now - the damage comes home.
After the Gulf War, we learned what it's like to have policeman, paid by the federal government (Bill Clinton's 100,000 police, look that up), invade our cities and treat us like the enemy.
How many more will die like Michael Brown did after this great new war?

There are 2 more parts to this, at least, coming soon.


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