Curriculum vitae paraphysique

Patrice Faubert

Paraphysical curriculum
1970 to 1982
Unknown didactic poet
Unrecognized paraphysical poet
Unemployment, odd jobs, temporary work
And even telexist to the newspaper “L’Equipe”
Office worker, metro courier
Veterinary assistant, handler
Be careful, it has to rhyme!
1970 to 1982
Unemployment, odd jobs, temporary work
Codifier, bookkeeper, peddler
Handler, packer, warehouse worker
Laborer, specialized worker
And other forgotten works
And of course, most often
A few hours per year
At least frequent, a few months per year
Be careful, it has to rhyme!
And at least four to five years
Paid and applied unemployment
1982 to 2011
Uninterrupted unemployment, desired unemployment
Wanted unemployment, desired unemployment
And sometimes, model for painters, in complete clandestinity
And so to black, it goes without saying
And sometimes, professor of behavioral biology
To future sports educators, it was fun
And so to black, it goes without saying
Like the black flag
1982 to 1997: Paris
1997 to 1999: Franche-Comté
1999 to 2001: Ariège
2001 to 2002: Auvergne
2002 to 2008: Hauts-de-Seine
2008 to 2011: Burgundy
That is 29 years of unemployment in a row
In six regions of France
Distant and different in the site
And 29 years plus four years, approximately
That gives us approximately 33 years of unemployment.
Thirty-three years of decline, approximately
Vice-champion of France
100 km walk in 9 hours and 26 minutes
Sixth in the French 50 km walking championship
In 4 hours and 40 minutes
Third in the French championship
200 km walk in 22 hours and 44 minutes
And soon to retire from unemployment in July 2013
And also and above all, pouète, pouète, peuète, paraphysicist
Paraphysical CV

Patrice Faubert (2011) pouète, puète, peuète, paraphysicien ( Pat says the guest on (

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