NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago: A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago::
A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

"Humor from My Pen" - March 9 to april 28

Humor from My Pen

Chicago will be hosting 'Humor from My Pen'
– an exhibit of political cartoons by Gerardo Hernåndez (one of the "Cuban Five").

The Exhibit opening is
Friday,March 9, 2012
6pm to 9pm
Calles y Sueños Gallery
    1900 S. Carpenter, Chicago

and will run through April 28, 2012

Breaking News: UPDATE -- Piccolo parents continue to occupy school to oppose privatization to politically connected local firm

Urgent Update from Piccolo Elementary School Occupation
Live stream: http://ustre.am/EfN1 | Twitter follow tbourschoolschi and ctulocal1 | hashtag #piccolo

Undercover and uniformed police enter Piccolo public school occupation while CPS continues to deny parents access to medications and food.

One diabetic parent participating in occupation refuses to leave school despite threat to health.

Needed: More Daughters of Zelophehad in Israel Today

Explores Jewish Women's Leadership in the Redemption of the Jewish People.

Balak: The Blessing of Isolation for Israel

Isolation From A Virus Or An Enemy Is Good For Jews And Israel. So, Its Time To Apply Sovereignty to Judea and Samaria, The Biblical Heartland Of Israel.

4 Qualities of Good Facebook Stories for eCommerce

Facebook Stories is a fragment of your life, a backstage where your favorites go. They are honest and not like a regular business on Facebook. At least they should look like that. Think about the stories you are interested in in everyday life. We have derived 4 basic qualities of good stories:

Personal Stories

Facebook Stories allows you to build a trusting and deep relationship with your audience through personal contact. Use:

Korah: Democracy or Divine Aristocracy for Israel?

Democratic Rebellions Often Turn Into Tyranny, Plato & The Torah Agree On This

BLM and Black Nazis are Evil Like White Nazis

Black Jew-hating Nazis are just as bad as White Jew-hating Nazis.

The Shortwave Report 06/05/20 Listen Globally!

Dear Radio Friend,
This week's show features stories from Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, and NHK Japan.
(If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} http://www.audioport.org/index.php?op=producer-info&uid=904&nav=&)

The God of Israel’s Hand in Nature and History

CoronaVirus, Zionism, Jews and History