NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago: A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

NATO - Be the media this May in Chicago::
A call-out to progressive civilian journalists

"Humor from My Pen" - March 9 to april 28

Humor from My Pen

Chicago will be hosting 'Humor from My Pen'
– an exhibit of political cartoons by Gerardo Hernåndez (one of the "Cuban Five").

The Exhibit opening is
Friday,March 9, 2012
6pm to 9pm
Calles y Sueños Gallery
    1900 S. Carpenter, Chicago

and will run through April 28, 2012

Breaking News: UPDATE -- Piccolo parents continue to occupy school to oppose privatization to politically connected local firm

Urgent Update from Piccolo Elementary School Occupation
Live stream: http://ustre.am/EfN1 | Twitter follow tbourschoolschi and ctulocal1 | hashtag #piccolo

Undercover and uniformed police enter Piccolo public school occupation while CPS continues to deny parents access to medications and food.

One diabetic parent participating in occupation refuses to leave school despite threat to health.

Why Progressives Oppose The Nomination Of Kamala Harris As President

Senator Kamala Harris Democrat from California has announced she is running for president. Here are some reasons to oppose her nomination.
Senator Kamala Harris is running for president and has had 2 secret meetings with AIPAC (US based pro Netanyahu lobby group).
She also twice addressed an AIPAC convention. She has broken Bernie Sanders' record for contributions in 1 day. She has received
money from many supporters of Netanyahu violence. Harris' candidacy is being pushed by corporate media anchors who support Netanyahu.

100 Ways The Military And Civilians Abuse Animals

Animals are enslaved in war
1. for food
2 as bomb carriers (dolphins forced into suicide bombing by US Navy)
3a to be blown apart as minesniffers
3b those who've survived have been left
behind by the Pentagon
4. to pull heavy carts... even in 2019 donkeys are used in Afghanistan military campaigns
5. to carry messages as carrier pigeons did in WW2

Teachers at Old Town School of Folk Music Win Historic Union Vote

Overwhelming majority of teaching artists elect to join Illinois Federation of Teachers


January 16, 2019

CHICAGO – At a celebration this evening, teachers from the Old Town School of Folk Music announced that votes have been tallied and an overwhelming majority have elected to form a union, joining the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

Partial List Of Vegan, Vegetarian And Fruitarian Athletes

A small fraction of the vegan, vegetarian and fruitarian athletes
in the world:

Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Judge Reviews Debt Deal

Through Thursday, the judge presiding over Puerto Rico's bankruptcy process will hear testimony about a debt deal to restructure about $17 billion of the island's $72 billion debt. The Honorable Judge Laura Taylor Swain is administering the island's Title III process, a debt restructuring process created by Congress in 2016. This week Swain is hearing testimony from stakeholders of the merits of a debt deal that Puerto Rico's COFINA creditors and oversight board agreed on.

Du sectarisme, des sectes, des clans

" La faute inexcusable est reconnue lorsque l'employeur avait conscience
du danger et qu'il n'a pas pris les mesures nécessaires pour en préserver le salarié "

Code de la Sécurité Sociale

Google is controlled by fbi assassins

**Shame on Google **
**Google reveals, by their removal from Google search, data shown below and such removal reflects Google unethical conduct and helps fbi assassins in their cover up of crimes by fbi agents that I document for decades.**
** Also, as fbi agents and operatives tried to assassinate me numerous times and continues their 24/7/365 global DEW ATTACKS on me, I consider Google an accomplice to all fbi crimes against me and other Targets.**